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Jazmine Howard

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Hi' I am Jazmine Howard

An accomplished Learning and Development leader with a deep background in creating learning material, and I am now harnessing my writing expertise in fresh and innovative ways. My journey has been one of continuous growth and adaptation, and I am excited to apply my skills to new horizons within the realm of writing.

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Beyond my professional pursuits, I am a devoted mother of three, and I have perfected the art of nurturing my children while building a thriving career. When I’m not working, you’ll often find me outdoors, casting lines while fishing, immersing myself in the serenity of camping trips, and embarking on spontaneous road adventures to explore new places and experiences.


Moreover, my love for planning elaborate vacations to destinations around the world fuels my wanderlust. This passion for travel not only broadens my horizons but also enriches my writing by infusing it with diverse perspectives and cultural influences. In my downtime, I enjoy watching TikTok videos about couponing strategies and discovering innovative gadgets that make life easier. Additionally, I find relaxation and entertainment in reality TV shows, which provide a welcome escape from the demands of daily life.


Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to the world of L&D, serving clients across various sectors, including telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, and waste management. My expertise is creating effective learning materials that resonate with diverse audiences and drive successful learning outcomes. My background in instructional design and communication uniquely positions me to craft persuasive and captivating materials that not only inform but also inspire and engage.

I am enthusiastic about leveraging my expertise to create impactful written materials and look forward to collaborating with clients and teams who recognize the power of compelling messaging and storytelling in various forms and contexts


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