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Linda Carter

Founder and Strategic Director

Hi' I am Linda Carter

Strategic Marketer & Agency Leader. Elevates brands with dynamic strategies & content. Expert in Tech, CX, B2B/Consumer

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WCW HQ, Olympia WA

Professional Experience

I am dedicated to empowering your brand with strategic marketing that captivates and converts. My approach is to immerse myself in the essence of your brand, forging a connection with your audience that not only engages but also inspires action.

As the founder of Word Craft Wizards, I have cultivated a collective of marketing mavericks who are passionate about shaping narratives and driving growth.

With more than a decade of hands-on experience, my expertise spans from orchestrating integrated marketing campaigns to producing incisive white papers, dynamic newsletters, influential blogs, and more, with a keen focus on technology, software, customer experience, as well as B2B and consumer products sectors.

Yet, my insights extend beyond marketing. With 40 years of business acumen, I have an intimate understanding of what propels a company forward — from invigorating customer service protocols to overhauling business operations, and spearheading digital transformations.

My distinctive ability lies in distilling intricate concepts into compelling narratives that not only inform but also persuade and sell. I am eager to delve into what makes your business unique, collaborating closely to architect strategies and content that fulfill your objectives.

Together, let’s not just communicate; let’s resonate, innovate, and elevate your brand.


My educational journey has been quite the adventure. I’m a soon to be proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts in European and Military History from Southern New Hampshire University and own an Associates of Arts in Legal Studies from Purdue Global University. Yes, you read that right – I can write a killer marketing campaign AND discuss the finer points of the Napoleonic Wars!

Experience & Skill

In short, I’m a Marketing Strategist who loves a challenge, has a knack for leadership, and can bring a whole lot of fun to the table. So, let’s create some magic together, shall we?

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